George McClellan’s 1864 Victory over Abraham Lincoln in Delaware

A new election map has been added to the collection:

This one gives the results of the 1864 presidential election in Delaware. Abraham Lincoln narrowly lost the state to George McClellan, 48.19 percent to 51.81 percent. No county went overwhelmingly for either candidate; the biggest victory was in Kent, where George McClellan won close to 60 percent of the vote. In Sussex and New Castle, the victor received only about 53 percent.

Early Gubernatorial Election Maps

I have added a great many new ones to the archive, and will simply post the links:

James Buchanan in Delaware, 1856

This week’s new election map gives the results of the 1856 presidential election in Delaware:

James Buchanan won over 55 percent of the vote and carried every county in the state. Millard Fillmore, of the Know-Nothing Party, came in second, grabbing about 43 percent.

A curiosity of this election is that all of John FrĂ©mont’s support came from New Castle. His 306 votes constitute 4.7 percent of the New Castle, and 2.11 percent of the Delaware, electorate.

Thomas Jefferson vs. John Adams in Georgia, 1796

This week’s new election map is now online. In 1796, John Adams lost Georgia to Thomas Jefferson by a margin of three to seven:

It was Adams, of course, who became the second president of the United States in March of 1797. (Jefferson, in fact, may have sincerely been uninterested in the presidency at this early date.)