The Birth-Control Brouhaha

I am beginning to suspect that the whole world is really a grand comedy performed for the amusement of the angels. I only hope they are enjoying the show as much as I am. As we know, a large section of the public was outraged to learn that the Obama administration would force religious organizations to pay for their employees’ birth-control coverage, even when the methods violated their religious convictions. Well, yesterday President Obama, beset on all sides by religious objectors, announced a compromise. His new plan? Same as the old one, but with more attractive packaging. Now religious organizations will only have to pay someone else (i.e., the insurers themselves) to ensure that their employees have birth-control coverage. In return for this imaginary concession, Catholic (and any similarly situated) organizations are supposed to drop their objections. The ruse may work. Such is the power of obfuscation.

Meanwhile Rachel Maddow, from her podium in the Washington Post, discloses the existence of a GOP war on birth control. The war has hitherto gone undetected, because it is undetectable, because it does not exist. In the universe that Maddow has imagined for herself, opposition to having to pay for someone else’s birth-control methods is a “war on birth control.” There are astrologers, and probably even a few congressmen, with a better grasp on reality than that. O tempora, o mores, indeed.

[Update, February 12:] Mario Rizzo has a much more in-depth take on the issues involved.

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